Let green energy create a better future

Shanghai Green Tech (Enerbond) has always adhered to the concept of “Better energy, Better world!”, with full technical route power batteries and full industry chain capabilities, to create a full-scenario solution for the energy internet to help “carbon peak and carbon neutral”, dedicating in researching and developing new energy storage technology, breaking through energy storage technology, changing future energy landscape, and providing superior energy storage solutions to the world.

Enerbond In C&I Application

We are committed to contributing towards a better life for humankind and the environment, continuing to create higher value.

Based on super capacitor technology, making the battery projected cycle life up to 20 years.

Benefitting from solid state battery use solid and polymer electrolyte. Our batteries get extreme safety performance.

Some of Enerbond products can be used at 5C~20C rate, and they are the perfect options for fast charging-discharging requirements.

Enerbond’s system integrated smart BMS with blue tooth or remote monitoring function. Modbus ( RS485, RTU ), Canbus, and TCP communication are available.

Related Products


Caprack design is based on high C rate cells and medium-high voltage, and it can be installed indoor and outdoor. The smart BMS with CANBUS, MODBUS and TCP protocol, is convenient to communicate with PCS and EMS. It's the perfect option for high end demand of commercial and industrial energy storage system.


Capmega is the solution of containerized energy storage system, and the compelet system including BESS (usually enerbond uses solid state battery), PCS, switch cabinet, cooling system, fire protection system, EMS etc., with the features of high safety, ultra long life, and high reliability.