Port Energy Storage Operation Mode

With the continuous development of the economy and the expansion of port scale, traditional ports will bring more energy consumption, harmful gas emissions, noise and other environmental pollution. Ship exhaust gas has become one of the main sources of air pollution in port cities. How ports rationally utilize electric energy and how to develop cleanly have also received more and more attention. Electrical energy storage technology can assist in realizing the energy-saving and economic benefits of green port power grids.

The main power load of the port:
1.Repeatedly used, short-time working lifting and transportation machinery and equipment
2.Continuously used electrical equipment such as belt conveyors
3.Battery trucks and cranes that require frequent charging
4.Lighting equipment with relatively high power
5.Large specialized terminals have a lot of electrical equipment and most of them need to use high voltage.
6.And electricity for ships moored in the port

Energy storage operating mode

Improve power quality

The load characteristics of port equipment change frequently, and the power quality of the power supply network is difficult to guarantee. Currently, it is commonly used to increase the capacity of the power supply system to solve such problems, but this method has high investment costs and will cause a waste of resources. The main power load of the port is concentrated on high-power, long-lasting equipment. When these high-power equipment are working, the lifting mechanism of the lifting mechanism generates a large amount of electric energy during the descent of the cargo. Energy storage technology will make the heavy-load equipment Dynamic energy recovery can achieve the purpose of energy saving and improving power quality, and realize the effect of recycling and reuse.

Peak shaving and valley filling
Port electricity is billed based on the peak-valley price difference. During the day, the electricity price is basically at the peak, and load operations are mostly during this period. At night, the electricity price is mostly at the low valley, and the load operation time is relatively short. If the peak-valley electricity price difference can be fully utilized, it will definitely bring considerable benefits to the port. Ports use energy storage technology to transfer peak and valley power, which can control load power in the port’s internal power supply network without affecting the stability of the upper-level power supply network. At the same time, it can reduce the port’s installed capacity and save a lot of costs.

Power failure protection
If the electric energy is stored smoothly on the power consumption side and through simple and reliable control technology, the output of high-quality electric energy can be ensured. The energy storage system can be used as a backup power supply to provide reliable protection for the port power supply network when there is insufficient power supply or power grid failure.

Ship shore power
When a ship is docked at a port, the ship’s auxiliary generator needs to be turned on to generate electricity to provide necessary power, which will produce a large amount of harmful emissions. According to statistics, the carbon emissions generated by ships during berthing at the port account for 40% to 70% of the total port volume, which is an important factor affecting the air quality of the port and the city where it is located. The ship’s shore power system means that when the ship is docked at the dock, it stops using the ship’s own auxiliary generator and instead uses land power to supply power to the main shipboard system. If the shore power energy storage system is used to provide electrical energy, the air pollution caused by ships can be effectively improved.

Wind + Solar + Energy storage power generation system
The independent wind + solar + energy storage power generation system has greater flexibility. It can make full use of the geographical advantages of the port, use wind and solar energy on the seaside to generate electricity, and supply power to the loads in the port area. At the same time, the energy storage system is used to effectively stabilize the power fluctuations of solar power and wind power and improve the power grid’s ability to absorb new energy. The independent wind + solar + energy storage power generation system can supply power to the loads in the port area, and can build an independent power generation, power supply and power consumption system, bringing considerable economic benefits to the port.





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