With home energy storage system

Enerbond energy is helping our customers reach their low-carbon and zero-carbon goals. Enerbond energy also strives to do our best to support the global communit in entering a new era of carbon neutrality.


Residential Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Enerbond provides cutting-edge home energy storage solutions, empowering homeowners to optimize their solar energy systems fully. Our advanced technology allows the efficient storage of surplus energy generated by solar panels during the day. This stored energy becomes a valuable resource, ensuring uninterrupted power supply during evenings or overcast days, aligning with Enerbond's commitment to reliable and sustainable energy solutions.

Our Vision

Better energy, Better world!

Our Value

Customer-centricity, Dedicated Employees as Our Foundation

Our Spirit

Practicality, Innovativeness, Continuous Improvement

Our Working Philosophy

Professional​, Responsible, Efficient, Religious

What May Cause Our Power Outages?

In sudden bad weather, rain, hail, and snow are major contributors to long-term outages. So a hassle-free, intelligent whole-home solution comes to the first-aid solution.

Because of the heavy load of household appliances, exceeding the rated load belongs to overload protection tripping, so needing a steady power supply.

The UPS power supply system immediately converts the DC power supply of the UPS battery to the AC power supply of the load, preventing inconvenience and loss caused by power outages.